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Play Me An Eternal Sonata ~こころのかけら~

If you say you love me, then can you see my wings?

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Pacilia a.k.a. Pa-chan
23 August 1987
You really want to know about me? Why thank you. Real life wise... I'm your typical university student going for a joint major in business and psychology as well as an extended minor in Asia-Canada relationship studies. Sounds like fun right? Not. Why did I bring the hell upon myself? That is a secret.

I'm originally from Hong Kong and then moved here when I was 8, I haven't been back to hong kong since...

i've been studying Japanese since grade 10, i guess i can say i'm not too bad in terms of understanding Japanese.. but i think my biggest forte would be Chinese.. i think i enjoying writing in chinese than in english.. of course... I would love to write soem FujiRyo in Chinese and post them....

DId i mention that I'm my mom's slave? (of course.. I'm a bit exaggerated... ok maybe a lot)

My life plan for the next few years:
1) graduate from university
2) find a good job
3) take care of my family
4) adopt a child (optional)

Marriage is not in my mind.

I got my mom's talent in wood working and dealing with wires and electronics.. btu I also got my dad's silence and poker face.. it's a pretty bad combo... cuz my mom can never tell whether i'm happy or sad or what... which is quite amusing.. cuz it drives her nuts... X) I've worked as a techie back at my highschool.. i was thinking of a career in tech stuff.. but the competition out there is too fierce.. so i've decided to drop it by the end of my grade 12 year.

I've been known to have done some pretty acurate tarot readings.. and I really enjoy doing that.. and scaring the crap out of my friends...

I'm also a very dedicated Arashi fangirl. especially Aiba. Aiba aiba aiba aiba aiba aiba al;shvask.hdfsd *incoherent words and then dies*

Shitenhoji is Kansai-ben-speaking, tennis playing, mysterious relatives love
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